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Default How to determine if email results button clicked

I have implemented a php, mySQL and javascript solution from the files found on the forums. I have a working version but I am trying to figure out a way to determine if a user clicks the email results button versus just closing the browser. I want to have different code executed if the user closes the browser (save their data and not send an email) versus if they click the send email results button (save their data, send them an email and display a results page).

I am using onunload and onbeforeunload events (I know they don't work in all browsers) to check if the browser is closed, however clicking the email results button also fires the onunload event.

Does anyone know if there is a way in the quiz.js file to determine if the email results button is clicked?

Thanks in advanced for any help or ideas.

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Default Re: How to determine if email results button clicked

Hey Jerry,

That's a really great question and honestly, I'm not sure. Would you mind reposting this question to our new forums? You'll likely find a better response there since that's where most of the users are now.

New forums: E-Learning Heroes

Learn to be an E-learning Hero in Articulate's new community: E-Learning Heroes

Learn to build a course from the ground up, find detailed product tutorials, and download course assets including icons, graphics, templates and more!
(These forums are closing 2/22)
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